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Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea
We have developed a beautiful range of 11 premium organic teas infused with Collagen to enhance beauty from within.  After many months of development and formulating specific tea blends to enhance your complexion, we are very proud to launch our very first brand – Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea.
We offer 6 loose leaf blends, 2 powder blends ( chai and a matcha), and 3 pyramid teabag blends, which we’re proud to say are made from soilon fabric which is completely biodegradable and compostable, (minimising micro-plastics), and they have non-bleached, non-toxic strings and they also have recyclable tags and boxes – as the world’s first collagen-infused teabags – we wanted them to be environmentally friendly!!!

So, drink the benefits of organic teas infused with collagen….. your skin will love it!! 💖🍃☕🌟
Ships globally 🌏 and proudly Australian Made!

Website: www.fusspottea.com
Instagram: @prettylittlefusspot
Facebook: prettylittlefusspot 
Pinterest: Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea
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